DIY Festive Home Decor

by Wolf and Whistle

At Whistle and Wolf,  shopping is one of our favourite past times. But we also have a lot of love and time for the handmade. This year we have a selection of charming decorations that are easy to make at home in front of the fire with a mince pie at the ready. Read all about them here, this is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. 

These simple wire and bead tree decorations will last for years to come and make really thoughtful gifts. 

Method: Tie a knot in the end of a piece of wire and start to feed on your beads. Once you are happy with the colours and length, you can tie off the other end and shape your wire. We tied on an extra piece and threaded some heavier beads onto the bottom and finished with a festive ribbon. The great thing about these is that you don't have to fiddle with making a tie to hang them on the tree, as the wire acts as its own hook. 

Beads: For a huge selection go to the bead shop in covent garden  

Wire: The best place to get lots of fancy wires is the scientific wire company

Ribbon: You can buy this pretty much anywhere and at Christmas there is so much choice! WW recommends VV Roulleux, which can be very expensive but the shop is so beautiful, go even if it is just for inspiration! Another great place is Liberty's or for something a bit more purse friendly, head to the London Bead company.