Oranges, Cloves and Toy Soldiers

by Wolf and Whistle

The next WW home-made challenge is so simple, oranges decorated with whole cloves. These will bring a beautiful Christmas spice aroma into your home and make lovely decorations if you attach a ribbon. They also look really pretty in a vintage bowl, topped with some holly sprayed with gold. 


Start by wrapping the ribbon around the orange as if you were tying it round a present. Once you have wrapped it round so it makes 4 sections to the orange, do a  double and finish with a big bow at the top. 

Now you can add start to push the cloves into the skin of the orange, push them in all the way so that just the head of the clove is showing. If you prefer you can draw on the orange in a biro so that you have a guide line of your pattern 

Buy your cloves at any large supermarket or independent food store. We bought ours from wholefoods, because its so atmospheric at Christmas. The toy soldier ribbon is from the  but can also be bought online