My Internship at Whistle & Wolf

by Wolf and Whistle

I started interning for Whistle & Wolf in early August 2012 as a summer experience over my University break, however I enjoyed it so much that I have stayed on until now and would love to stay even longer if it weren't for commitments to my final year! I have had such a great time working within the Whistle & Wolf team and I have learnt so much about the fashion industry, working in an office environment, social media management, graphic design as well as the ins-and-outs of running an independent business. As a Media and Communications student, some of these experiences have proved priceless to my course. I have gone through work experiences before, but none were as welcoming, fun, exciting and friendly as working at Whistle & Wolf. Here are some of my highlights from my time interning at Whistle & Wolf HQ...

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I really enjoyed assisting on our first ever Christmas blogger event! Champagne, mince pies, giveaways, beautiful ladies and lots of lovely dresses! What's not enjoyable about that? 

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I have loved helping out on photoshoots as it's great to see new designs from upcoming seasons modelled for the first time! I was present at both the SS14 and AW14 photoshoots of Whistle & Wolf's upcoming clothing lines. Usually the models, photographers, make-up artists are well known to the company and all get on really well so at Whistle and Wolf HQ photoshoots were never a stressful occasion! 

I have loved updating this blog, our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and other social media sites and it's given me a real insight into the world of social media management and marketing.  Making our pages interesting in order to capture peoples attention is a challenge, and I've enjoyed thinking up different creative ways to promote the brand online!


Over my internship duration I have become such a fan of Whistle & Wolf that I have amassed a rather large collection! My ultimate favourite dress is the Paradise Print Tea Dress as it was the first Whistle & Wolf item I bought and it's really flattering to my shape and very easy to style!

All in all it has been a great experience, and at risk of sounding sentimental what I will miss most is the close community of the office, getting sneak previews on all the beautiful new dresses, learning valuable lessons about the industry and making customers happy! I've really loved seeing Whistle & Wolf grow as a company and can only hope for it to reach new heights in the future. 

Thanks for everything!

Patience X

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