Say hello to 2014

by Wolf and Whistle in

Greet the new year with increased energy, better concentration and a full supply of antioxidants (not to mention glowing skin, shiny hair and gorgeous healthy nails). 

Like most of our followers, today was the first proper day back after the wonderful Christmas holiday at the Whistle & Wolf head office. We grudgingly said goodbye to 12 hour sleeps and watching an average of one movie in front of the fire every day, and said hello to that familiar snooze button on our alarms.

So, it has been a bit of a shock to the system, but we still have the rest of the week to get back into the swing of normal life. Here are a few simple ways make sure we greet the new year with a positive attitude. 

WATER! Replace those champagne breakfasts with water. Instead of giving into your coffee addiction on your morning commute, drink a bottle of water. If you manage this on your journey into work you will have consumed a quarter of your daily water intake. Treat yourself to a cup of tea when you sit down at your desk.

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand drinking straight water, try moon juice, nothing but goodness in these bottles 

So eating healthier is on every new year’s resolution list. This is of course a good thing. One of Whistle & Wolf’s favourite blogs is Celery and Cupcakes. Jemma is an expert on smoothies and delicious natural food with no toxins. Her blog is inspiring and full of beautiful pictures. Just looking at her food makes you feel more awake. She also explains why all the ingredients that she uses are doing you good. Her love for fashion and fitness also makes for a great read. (8)


Smarty Plants CC cream by Origins is the perfect replacement for that heavy December foundation. Our skin needs refreshing as well as our bodies. (4)

Add to your glow with one of Benefit's highlighters. Pop to one of the counters and one of their super advisors will find one exactly the right tone for your skin. (6)

Get rid of any winter spice with a refreshing jasmine fragrance,  Jo Malone are the Royal family’s go to perfumer and do a gorgeous one with a hint of ginger. (5)


Healthy body = healthy mind

Andrew Marr – A short book about drawing. Where most would mistake this for a book trying to teach you to draw, it is actually a wonderful book about happiness. Pick it up, it will be the best thing you read this month.  (7)


This is the healthy body part... Bikram yoga, we swear by it. Breath. Sweat. Move. What could be bad about that? Try it at hotpodyoga. (2)