Scary or hot this Halloween?

by Wolf and Whistle

What will you choose this Halloween? 
Checkout these scarily hot ladies to give you a helping hand!

Try a furious scratched out spider web look over the eyes with a dark lip shade?

Or go all white - face, hair and clothing with a beehive and black contacts.

Or just the one contact? The half face is very popular if you want to go scary/hot in one! Perfect if your to afraid to go the full hog. 

Another half and half - skeleton/heavy makeup. This time with half a pink wig - we like it.

If your thinking cute cat? Go simple with eyeliner and some black ears.

Go arty farty with this adaption from the Roy Lichtenstein, white dots for the comic look.

There is always the popular day of the dead girl? Think face paint, glitter, sequin and flowers galore.

What will you decide?

All imagery found on Instagram and Pinterest - enjoy