Stockist Feature

by Wolf and Whistle

This week's stockist feature is from our new boutique on the block Dollies! We asked some questions on the online boutique and the exciting opening to owner Nicola. 

Visit Dollies Boutique here :- 

Dollies Boutique is a women’s online fashion store based in the Isle of Man. Dollies was founded and created in 2014 by the owner Nicola Carr. Nicola is a 23 year old mother of one who decided to introduce Dollies Boutique after a lifetime dream of owning a dress shop. From being obsessed with fashion herself, she wanted to put that passion into creating a business that she felt people would love. After the birth of her son, Nicola decided that life was too short to continue working 9-5 in a bank and with age on her side, what better time to follow her dream.

As well as having a love for fashion and clothing, the inspiration behind Dollies came from what we saw as a gap in the market. There is a whole world of fashion out there, so we thought we had the right fashion taste to be able to bring something fun and new and introduce brands that people may not have been aware of.

The aim with Dollies Boutique was to make it as real as possible, we wanted this to be reflected through the website and also through our customer service. We want our customers to feel that every bit of love we have for the business has gone into their experience and they have been dealt with on a one on one basis and not by a robot. We want every order received to feel like a gift to that person. Were all about personal touch here at Dollies!

As we’re a family run business, we wanted that to show through too. So by using Nicola (who is just your average girl and by no means a model) as the face of Dollies we hope to emphasise that fashion doesn't have to be about perfection and size 0 models. You can be who you want, wear what you want and look fabulous!

We wanted to try and bring out as many different fashion tastes as possible by selecting brands that are all that little bit different to each other. We cover vintage styles to young and quirky which attracts all kinds of customers to our shop. We wanted to cover all body shapes, tastes and ages and so far we have achieved that.

We hope that with all the love and support of our beautiful customers we can turn the dream of opening a local Dollies Boutique into a reality.