Boutique Spotlight - Wears London

by Wolf and Whistle

We recently asked Wears London owner the lovely Amanda to tell us a bit more about her Boutique in South East London. Here is what she had to say.

Wears London is London based with our H/O in Greenwich which is also the first place that we decided to open our shop. This seemed to make sense as it was Greenwich market where the Founder, Amanda Hancox was first inspired to launch Wears London. Greenwich market is one of the fashion hubs around London where you can find a wealth of independent designers, however it soon became clear that unless you have time to shop around Greenwich as well as Camden, Notting Hill, Spitalfields etc then it’s difficult to find those designers easily.. This is when Wears London was born, a one stop shop for London fashion and independent designers in particular! 

Our target audience is very broad, anyone that loves that London style and we’re lucky because our customers in the shop are too. We benefit from lots of tourism because we are based in the beautiful Greenwich area which is steeped in history but then we also get lots of uni students as well as returning customers from the local area. We stock men’s, woman’s and childrens clothing plus a small selection of homeware so we’re able to provide a really eclectic mix and something for every taste. 

(What makes your boutique different and special to others?) We think it’s the fact that we are stocked by small independent designers as well as a few more established brands such as Whistle and Wolf. Every brand has a story behind them and we do our very best to tell that story well.. 

Our future plans are to expand into events and possibly collaborative space with some really exciting young  brands well as our new website launch later this year so keep an eye on what Wears London is doing and visit us at