“A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden”

by Wolf and Whistle

Do you think you’re a true friend?

It is important to identify what a true and good friend is. You have to ensure that you are surrounding yourself with genuine people who are always there for you during good and bad times, not just someone that just comes and goes. Here you’ll find out the top ten traits which make being a great friend to someone worthwhile.

1: A true friend doesn't judge you and always respects you. 


2:  Guide each other in times of need.

Example: When you have a difficult decision to make whether, it’s moving away due to a better job opportunity or move to study at university, it is always best that your best friend guides you in the right direction if they want to see the best out of you, you'd do the same for them. 

3: Always be honest with each other.

4: Never let each other down, always be loyal to your friendship. 

Example: Say you are going to meet your friend for lunch, it is not fair to that friend to all of a sudden change your mind if something better comes up, this shows that you are not being loyal to your friend commitments and it's a way of letting people down. 

5: Be able to have fun, have a laugh and let yourself go.

6: Don’t hold grudges over petty disagreements. 

Example: If you both have a ‘crush’ on the same guy in school, college etc. Don’t let similarities hold a grudge between your friendships. You have to forget about the guy as there’s plenty more fish in the sea.  

7: Listen and share stories with you, in both good and bad times.


8: Can tell each other anything and know you can trust them.

Example: If you tell your secrets to your best friend and they go on to gossip among other people about them, can instantly stop the trust between two friends. Make sure you can trust them fully before letting them know what you want nobody else to know about you.

9: Supports you, your goals and achievements. 

10: Care about each other.

Example: When a friend is down and upset it is always good to comfort them and tell them positive or funny thoughts. Making a good friend smile or laugh is always a way of making them happier.