Share the Love

by Wolf and Whistle

For this season’s Spring Summer 2015 collection Wolf & Whistle have added an extra feel good factor with each purchase.  We want to be part of this feel good social media sharing phenomenon that is quotes – inspirational, motivational and happy feel good quotes! 

Women today reflect & learn from everyday situations and turn these into positives, constantly adapting to change and the environment – striving more than ever before to create balance and positivity in the world around them.  Wolf & Whistle want to be part of this growing confidence by planting a quote or topic into the consumer’s mind to then go forth and say something nice to someone they care about or even to themselves.

The idea is to place one of thirty stimulating quotes inside the garments packaging ready for customers to ‘Share the Love’ whether it is with friends, family, their personal social media accounts or simply just on the fridge door. The quotes have each been printed in a postcard format – so they can be also used in a similar manner of sending a postcard to loved ones from abroad; in essence a small token to brighten up someone’s day.

The unique quotes have been printed with an original print design from the Spring Summer 2015 collection – which Wolf & Whistle make exclusively in-house.  The postcards range from enhanced digital prints, blossoming florals, repeated patterns, geometric designs and wildlife prints.

Each quote also relates to a blog post which will feature on the Wolf & Whistle ‘Share the Love’ page and blog.  Giving the reader more than just a #QuoteOfTheDay image on a tweet! The blogs are a collection of interesting help tactics, informative topics, exciting events, tutorials on hair and makeup and general good to know subjects. For example for quote “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”  Wolf & Whistle have come up with seven kick arse tips with imagery to help keep the yawns at bay and get proactive ready for the day ahead. 

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