Sex without love is a meaningless experience!? Discuss!

by Wolf and Whistle


In the spirit of that and in keeping with the mood that women should express and explore their sexuality as they see fit here are some ideas of things that can make sex more fun:-

1)      You need a magic wand. These should be issued to all women at age 18. The original one was sold as a back massager by Hitachi and is the only inanimate object I can ever say I missed whilst away on holiday. They are not pretty. They don’t try and make sex into some pretty pink acceptable girly version of female sexuality. They look industrial and they are... you can go from frown to orgasm in, ooooh, 1 -2 minutes. Go forth and read the reviews.

2)      Story books. Words are wonderful things and women have powerful imaginations. Plus I read something in a book once that I found very funny. The older you get, the more detail your fantasies have. Where once the thought of a 5 minute frisson could get you going by the time you are early 30s you have to invent a fully blown costume drama to get the same arousal… so indulge that imagination and let someone else do the work. Read aloud as well.

3)      Don’t have sex. I know that is odd as it sounds but sometimes doing everything but the deed can make the senses electric. Explore, play, touch and kiss.