The Travel Friendly Test: Our Black Lace Playsuit

by Wolf and Whistle

This past weekend, I took a day trip with my sister out to the ultra-chic city of Paris and thought I would put our lovely Black Lace Playsuit to the 'travel friendliness' test. 

wolf and whistle black lace playsuit.jpg

I styled our playsuit with black Chelsea boots, an oversized denim jacket, and hot pink lips for a look that was easy to switch from casual to dressed up in a flash. 

This romper was put to a full set of travel friendliness tests: from running to catch the metro, to crouching down for that perfect Eiffel Tower shot, to leaving just enough room for the copious amounts of carbs I consumed while still maintaing a flattering silhouette, it passed them all. Comfortable enough to sleep in on the train ride there and back, cute and flattering with breathable fabric (which was for crucial for the 10+ miles of walking we endured).

Plus, because it's easy to dress up or down, it was perfect as a casual option in the park...

And as a more formal look for tea time at Laduree

I can confidently stand behind a playsuit as a great option for a travel friendly pick, especially one as cute as this! Ours passed the test with flying colours and is definitely something I would recommend for to stay looking chic from day trips to week long holidays. Show us how you style this summer staple of ours on Instagram with the hashtag #wolfandwhistle